Top 3 Qualities of The Best Real Estate Agents

Over the course of my real estate career, I’ve developed a list of what I call the top three qualities in top producing realtors otherwise known as the triple threats of our industry.
I lead a team of 10 realtors and teach regular training at my brokerage. I have seen many realtors come in and fail and many come in and SUCCEED! I have mentored and trained several top producing agents and now, I would like to pass on those tips and skills to you!

#1 Making a Good First Impression

The Phone
When someone calls you one the phone your first impression is very important. You need to sound excited, friendly and confident. The questions you ask on the phone can dictate your rate of conversion. A potential client is looking for a confident agent, someone that knows the market, has a passion for their job and wants to help them enthusiastically.

The biggest opportunity for this is an open house. When a potential client walks in the home often that first handshake and the first hello gives the biggest first impression. This is standardly where an individual decides to continue the conversation or to continue walking through the home alone. I often tell other agents that I can teach them all the skills but the one thing I cannot teach is how to be a people person and how to connect with people well. If you are friendly and can connect by asking questions and engaging common interests with a potential client that will go a long way!

When I was new in the industry, around age 24 I was a bit quiet and shy but I was very good at connecting at open houses. I would ask personal questions; where are you coming from, do you have any pets? Be friendly! Be enthusiastic about your job.

#2 Being Convincing

This is a huge quality. You have to be able to convince a potential client at an open house that you are the agent that they should work with. That you can offer a value that they need. They will not give you their contact information if you are not convincing.

A lot of buyers have a lot of different but incorrect ideas; it’s best for me to not work with an agent and submit through the listing agent. This question is a loaded one and we as realtors are always ready to answer it. But we must be convincing. It is our job to accurately explain why having your own buyer agent positions you much better.

When you go to price out a home and a client feels it’s worth $500,000 when it’s actually worth $425, once again you need to be very convincing. Top producing realtors will prepare for this appointment. They will have all kinds of data to present and back up their ideas and opinions. Prepare for you appointments, be ready to handle objections. The hardest thing is going into a listing that needs a price reduction and actually walking out with a price reduction. We know that the seller needs to adjust their price based on, feedback, time on market etc. These appointments are very difficult, which is why we prepare and enter confident in our knowledge and skill.

#3 Hustle!

Top producing agents are not lazy – they are not waiting for the business to come to them. They are on the phone networking, looking for business, pounding the pavement, getting mail outs out, sending e blasts and intro letters. Following up with door-knocking and if a home sells in their office they are asking if they can door knock and let the neighbourhood know a home sold.

Top agents are on the phone with their clients regularly. Making sure they have the best possible experience. They know that if they do a good job their clients will be walking talking billboards. Referrals mean everything in the world of real estate.


1. Be systematic and persistent with client experience. Ensure all clients receive the exact same services.

2. Be a good listener – listen to your client’s needs. When your client is feeling emotional, overwhelmed or needs to vent, learn to zip it and be a good ear. This is a stressful purchase and your job is to keep clients calm and informed.

3. Communication skills – you are not just communicating with clients. We also need to maintain good relations with a mortgage specialist, lawyers, and most importantly other realtors. Good communication saves deals.

4. Learn to have thick skin: you will hear no, get back up and try again.

5. Be teachable: know you don’t know everything. Be willing to learn more! The more knowledge you have the greater an agent you will be.

Overall, we all have to put in the work to become a top agent and no one is safe from the challenges and struggles. I had a lot of negative comments when I first started. I had my days where I drove home with tears. But I kept going and here we are now! Perseverance is the key: when deals fall apart, which they will, you need to get back up and keep going. Keep putting in the work and you will get there!

Your Niagara Listing Team. Lead by a top producing Niagara Realtor for over a decade.
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