Can Good Real Estate Photography Help Sell My Home Faster?

06.03.2023 Selling

In a world where everyone buys everything online, it’s no surprise that a home’s online presence is super important! The Internet has taken over as the new window shopping and before even a drive-by has taken place, the buyers turn to the photos first. As your Realtor, it is our job to ensure the online marketing is professional, bright, and premium quality so that each room presents in the best way possible.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words:

Generating interest in your property is our top priority. That’s why capturing the true essence of your home and neighbourhood is so important. The first exterior shot of a house invites a potential buyer to click on the next photo and we will do whatever it takes to get the BEST picture.

Did you know the Barry Team regularly takes exterior shots that fully encapsulate your home’s landscaping? We often do so even if it means visiting your property in the summer to have the perfect shot for your January listing.

Have a property with plenty of acreage? A photograph captured by a drone can be a valuable tool in selling your property.

Do you want to show off your exterior lighting system? Twilight photography is one of our specialties and is a great keepsake of your home in a dramatic dark setting with beautiful lighting. Our team works to make sure every photo after that first one is just as clickable. We will be sure to capture the natural light, beautiful finishes, and features, all while making sure the size of the rooms or the height of your ceilings are on full display.

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Professional VS. Amateur Photography:

While our iPhone cameras improve drastically year over year, the quality just doesn’t cut it in the real estate world. There is nothing sadder to us than seeing a beautiful property hit the market with terrible or just average photos.

Presentation is so important in any market and all price points. Potential buyers flip through real estate listings like digital magazines, and with your home sitting amongst the many others in your area, you must make sure you stand above the rest.  

At the Barry Team, we know it’s imperative to pull out all the stops and that is why we offer: virtual, accessory, and full staging, hand-blended HDR photography, drone photography, 3D Matterport tours, and full 4k video tours, and vertical video tours for social media!

We understand that potential buyers want as much detail as we can provide and have their preferred ways of viewing homes – we strive to cover all the bases. Our marketing quality is what we live and breathe on the Barry Team.

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Meet Joe Barry, Our Secret Weapon!

Joe Barry is the Co-Team Leader of the Barry Team, and for those who don’t know, the team’s exclusive marketer extraordinaire! All team listing photos are captured and edited in-house by Joe. The proof is in the pudding; Joe’s level of expertise and dedication to each photo is unmatched!

Joe will go to any length for the perfect shot and edits each photo carefully to ensure the lighting and angles are just right. The services Joe provides are UNMATCHED. Not only will you have the best catalogue of home photos around, but Joe will also create a video tour featuring your Barry Team agent capturing every detail of your home’s finishes. Joe’s 3D Matterport tour will give a virtual walk-through of the home’s layout and room sizes, which is a very popular tool for out-of-town Buyers.

Creating a Story With Photography:

When prospective buyers are viewing your home, they are envisioning their life within your walls. They are considering where the furniture will go, cooking dinner in your kitchen, hosting holidays in your living room, and retreating to your bedroom after a long hard day.

Photography gives you the power to narrate these stories. Through our tried-and-true process of decluttering, staging, and providing photos, videos, and 3D tours, we invite buyers to step inside for a tour from the comfort of their own homes. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to display your home as the best of the best and to help future buyers envision themselves living there.

If you would like to know more about how we can position your home as one of the best in your neighbourhood, please connect with us at 905-717-8529 or email to discuss our services and marketing plans further.

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