Home Staging: The Importance of First Impressions

10.08.2023 Selling

First impressions are everything, and the real estate world is no exception. Niagara’s housing market is very competitive; that’s why we are here to ensure your home stands out amongst the rest. Staging and decluttering is a major component of that. Here’s why:

Buyers and Agents scroll through photos online first and subconsciously form an opinion of the property that affects their decision to pursue it or not. Cluttered rooms (and bad photography, for that matter!) can cause potential Buyers and Agents to lose interest and decide to not even book a showing, even if much of the criteria matches what the Buyer is looking for. If a Buyer Agent is selecting properties to show, they are scrolling through and selecting the best-looking homes to book an appointment on in hopes of making a sale! So naturally they are going to gravitate to listings with better presentation and marketing. The key is getting Buyers in the door, and in today’s digital world, first impressions are not in person anymore. They start online.

What Does Staging Mean? 

Home staging is more than just bringing in some linens and a few lovely decorations. It’s about presenting your home in a way that appeals to people who might want to buy it.  Removing personal family touches to create a blank canvas, removing clutter to make rooms appear larger, and clearing shelves and counter spaces to obtain cleaner images online all contribute towards assisting the Buyer to picture themselves living in the home.

Putting some items in temporary storage, bringing in neutral artwork, fresh bright linens for beds and home décor that is modern and stylish all improve the online first impression and overall showing experience once Buyers arrive in person. Staging services by The Barry Team range from simple decluttering, furniture rearrangement, accessory staging and full furniture staging for vacant homes. Every listing is different, and our staging consultant determines what the home needs.

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Can Staging Help You Sell for a Higher Price?

It might not seem like a big deal, but staging your home makes a major difference when you’re trying to get the best price possible on your sale. Once again, it all starts with Buyers scrolling online. Staged homes get more attention online which typically results in more showings. The more showings a property gets, especially in the first week, the higher the chance of multiple offers.

When there is overcrowded furniture and spaces that do not make sense to the Buyer, it is harder for them to picture themselves and their furniture in the home. Room confusion or the feeling of lack of space can cause Buyers to lose interest quickly and can be the deciding factor on whether they make an offer or not.

In a survey by The National Association of Realtors (2021), Buyers’ Agents overwhelmingly agreed. 82% said staging a house made it easier for a Buyer to visualize it as a future home. Staging also increased the amount buyers were willing to spend for a property, according to the report.  23% of Buyers’ Agents said that home staging raised the dollar value offered between 1%-5%, compared to similar homes on the market that hadn’t been staged.

Coincidently, the response from Sellers’ Agents was nearly identical. 23% reported a 1%-5% price increase on offers for staged homes. 39% of Agents also said staging a home greatly decreased the number of days on the market.

Advice From Our In-House Staging Expert

Our team is thrilled to have an in-house exclusive staging consultant – Angeleen Bergen, who has been with the team for nearly a decade. Angeleen has a keen eye for design, unparalleled attention to detail and an unmatched talent to best set up a space.

Furniture placement, minimizing rooms and small changes to improve marketing and overall presentation are her specialties. Her expertise and commitment to staying on top of home trends ensure your home is presented in its best light.

Here are a few “Angeleen” go-to tips:

  • Always start with decluttering and a thorough deep cleaning!
  • Less is more especially in main rooms.
  • Use a room or space that will not be photographed for storage.
  • Use colours sparingly- stick with neutral tones.
  • Don’t forget about staging your backyard space as well.
  • Arrange furniture in a way that makes the room look larger. 
  • Remove heavy-dated window treatments to let in more light.
  • Hide your real plants for marketing day!
  • If you don’t want to see it all over the internet pack it away. Personal photos, sports team items, or anything that could identify your family members or distract Buyers should be put away.

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Using an experienced real estate team with an in-house staging consultant will help guarantee that your home is presented professionally, to attract more in-person showings, and more offers to help sell your home for the best price possible. Remember selling homes is all about Presentation, Exposure and Price.

Give us a call at 905-717-8529 or email admin@thebarryteam.ca today to discuss how we can help you prepare your home for your upcoming sale. We guarantee you will be impressed by our full-service team of experts!

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