What is it Really Like to Live in Niagara?

10.07.2023 Niagara

When you think of Niagara Falls, most immediately picture the waterfall itself and the tourist district. While this area is certainly beautiful and we LOVE to spend time downtown, Niagara is SO MUCH MORE than fireworks, casinos, and Clifton Hill! When we think Niagara, we think of natural beauty, endless entertainment, cultural diversity, educational opportunities, and community!

Natural Beauty Everywhere!

The Niagara Region is filled with natural beauty! While the Waterfall itself may be the star of the show, there are beautiful sights to take in at every turn. A walk along the Niagara Parkway showcases the beauty of the Niagara River and its powerful currents. The Canal system is a true site to see, enjoy a walk along a canal trail and you’re sure to see the locks in action as the ships pass through.

A drive through Niagara on the Lake will leave you breathless as you pass by all the stunning vineyards. If sandy shores are your bliss, there are no shortages of public beaches throughout the region! Both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are waiting for you to test their waters.  Nothing showcases the escarpment and Niagara’s natural wonders like a hike, whether you trek through the Niagara Gorge or Short Hills Provincial Park – you will be mesmerized!

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Endless Entertainment

If the great outdoors isn’t your cup of tea, never fear – Niagara is bursting with entertainment options no matter your taste! For local sporting events, The Meridian Centre is the perfect place to see the puck drop for an OHL game. Take in a play in the heart of wine country at Niagara on the Lakes’ beloved Shaw Theatre. If live music and shows are up your alley, you’re in luck! Niagara’s new OLG Stage offers a wonderful lineup of musicians, comedians and other performances. Small and more intimate seasonal shows and big-name artists can be found at the Avalon Theatre, conveniently located inside Niagara’s Casino offering Casino games, shopping, dining, and live acts! This list barely scratches the surface of Niagara’s Entertainment scene, in summer outdoor venues come to life drawing in endless festivals, markets, and outdoor movie viewing.

Cultural Diversity

Niagara prides itself on being culturally diverse. From worship centres to local gathering places and clubs, there is a place for everyone in our region! Throughout the region, you can find a variety of worship centres celebrating all faiths and their traditions / customs. Local clubs such as Club Italia or Club Richelieu offer a gathering place for those who enjoy celebrating their culture with others. The city comes alive to celebrate standing traditions such as Chinese New Year, Serbian Day or Ramadan. Everyone can find a place to call home and feel celebrated in Niagara. The restaurant scene is a clear depiction of the broadness of how culturally diverse the region truly is. Any cuisine you may crave can be found with ease.  

Educational Opportunities

Thousands are drawn to the Niagara Region each year for academic studies. Niagara uniquely offers both a University and College option for those looking to obtain a post-secondary education! Brock University is located in St. Catharines and is the perfect spot to complete an undergraduate degree. Brock Universities students are able to obtain their degrees while taking in the beauty of the area! Niagara College boasts two campuses one in Niagara on the Lake, surrounded by vineyards and shopping. The second Niagara College Campus is in the heart of Welland and attracts many with its extensive list of courses and diploma programs. These Post-Secondary Institutions liven our neighbourhoods and draw in locals with their incredible commitment to enriching the lives of the community and neighbouring areas they reside in.

The perfect balance of “city meets laid back

If this hasn’t sold you on all the best parts of being a Niagara resident, perhaps a visit to our beautiful region will! Niagara is the perfect balance of a lively city meeting a laid-back culture. Residents of the Region enjoy and take in all the beauty, experiences, and opportunities the area has to offer all while ending the day in their cozy, well-established neighbourhoods. A sense of community combined with rich culture and a vast offering of entertainment and beauty make Niagara the perfect place to call home!

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