Why People are Moving from Toronto to Niagara

03.02.2023 Niagara

It’s no secret that many are making the move from Toronto to Niagara, and as your trusted realtors we’re here to tell you why!

Cost of living

With the cost of housing continually skyrocketing in the GTA, it is no surprise residents are looking to neighbouring cities where they can get more bang for their buck! Young families, singles, and retires alike are leaving GTA for Niagara in droves because they see the huge financial benefits. Not only are average home prices significantly lower, but homes in Niagara also often boast larger yards and more distance / privacy between neighbours. Those in the rental market will find a similar discovery when comparing the rental costs and amenities available to them as tenants. Why rent a basement with no parking when you can have a full home at a comparable or lower cost.

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The small-town vibe without giving up great amenities and convenience

The hustle and bustle of big city living is a great allure but for the growing family or new to the city resident, building relationships, feeling a sense of community and having conveniently located amenities are of the utmost importance. Niagara offers quieter neighbourhoods and larger lot sizes,  and still offers a ton of amenities. Most neighbourhoods having key shopping centers and public buildings a mere 5 to 15 minutes away, making it easy for residents to enter the local city centers, gather the goods and services they need and retreat back to the stillness of their home. Options for activities and entertainment are just as important as any other amenity! Niagara has plenty to offer by way of entertainment! For the theatre lover, an evening at the Shaw Theatre and a meal at a local winery is the perfect pairing; a concert lover may consider the Avalon Theatre, First Ontario Performing Arts Centre or OLG Stage.  For great night life, take in some cool attractions at Clifton Hill, have a great meal and then pop into one of 2 casinos! If sports are of a greater interest, you can catch an OHL Ice Dogs hockey or Niagara River Lions basketball game at the Meridian Centre!

Easy commute: Buffalo and Toronto

Moving out of Toronto certainly doesn’t mean never returning! We all love attending live sporting events, concerts or the shopping and dining you just can’t get in the smaller cities. Niagara makes this easy and convenient! With the Go Bus and Go Train services readily available. With a little planning, Niagara residents can enjoy all the perks of Toronto while living outside the city. We can’t rule out the convenient access to the American border either! For the traveler living in Niagara, the close proximity to a multitude of airports is surely worth noting! Whether you’re booking a flight, attending a sporting event, looking to see your favourite artist or desire a full day of shopping – both Toronto and Buffalo are a hop, skip and jump away!

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Not only is Niagara full of culture, beautiful neighbourhoods and convenient amenities – it is SAFE! Residents can rest their heads at night feeling safe in both their neighbourhood and their local city centers. As noted by The Discoverer, not only is Niagara one of the most internationally recognized places in North America, it is one of the safest. Both tourists and residents alike have a sense of confidence while strolling down city streets or attending local festivals and events.

Nature – Niagara Falls, the Great Lakes & Conservation Areas

Niagara offers a multitude of opportunities to get outside and explore nature! With the region bordering two great lakes – Erie and Ontario, residents can enjoy the many joys that come from living near accessible, safe water. Spend the day at the beach, head out for a day of boating/paddling, or enjoy an afternoon of fishing. There is certainly no shortage of hiking trails to explore or for those a little less likely to spend the day in the forest, a walk along the Niagara Parkway. The marvel of Niagara Falls is easily accessible and a great location for a family day out. Conservation areas and parks are aplenty and provide the perfect location for a relaxing afternoon. Enjoy a picnic and the company of loved ones, all while having space to roam and explore privately. While nature is everywhere, some of our team’s favourite spots for a day outside include, Balls Falls, the Niagara Gorge, and Port Dalhousie’s waterfront park.

Is Niagara the right choice for your next move?

Niagara has something for everyone! Diverse cities bursting with culture, natural beauty and a desirable lifestyle. If you would like to learn more about this beautiful region and its many perks, never hesitate to shoot a message to our trusted team. We are always happy to provide any information you may need to feel confident in your next move!

Whether you’re looking for your next property in Niagara or you’re thinking about relocating to the area, give us a call at 905-717-8529 or email [email protected] to get in touch with us!

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